Over the past few years, Seattle Central College has experienced difficulties with applicants from certain countries who have either not had adequate finances to cover their expenses in the United States, or who have failed to report to the college after entering the United States as an F-1 student. In an effort to prevent similar problems from occurring, Seattle Central will require an advance deposit of US $4,500 to ensure that applicants with sponsors from these countries are financially prepared to study in the United States, and that applicants intend to enroll as international students. The deposit will be used to pay tuition and fees when the student enrolls.

Following is a list of countries affected by this policy:

- Gambia
- Kenya
- Mali
- Mauritania
- Niger
- Nigeria
- Senegal
- Somalia
- Sudan
- Tanzania

Acceptance materials (including an I-20 form) will not be issued until the deposit is received. Exception: students who are sponsored by a United States citizen or resident will not be required to make this deposit.

If a student who has paid the deposit is unable to obtain an F-1 student visa, s/he will be eligible to defer to a later quarter. Deferment can only occur once. If the student is still unable to obtain an F-1 visa, the original I-20 form, as well the original letter from the United States Embassy showing proof of the visa denial, must be mailed directly to our office in order to get a refund of the deposit. The student will then be refunded the deposit, minus any applicable bank charges. The application and processing fee ($50) is not refundable.

For more information about wire transfers of funds, please contact the International Education Programs office.