Agency Timeline

Once you have identified that Seattle Central is a good match for your client’s educational and social needs, you will work with the student and International Education Programs in many ways. Following is a brief description of what you can expect throughout this process:

1. Agency completes and submits the online Global Marketing Agreement Application (GMAA) to begin working with Seattle Central College on a commission basis.

2. Agent works with the student to complete and submit the student’s admission application, either online, by fax, email, or mail. The non-refundable $50 application and processing fee may be paid by international bank draft, personal check, or credit card online.

In addition to submitting the application documents required for admission, your agency must submit a cover letter for each student that you refer to Seattle Central. The cover letter is the document that allows us to connect your agency to the student, and is a required piece of the student application. The cover letter should accompany the application, and must be on your company's letterhead. The cover letter should also specify the student’s name, the documents submitted, the fact that you are representing the student, and any special information we may need to know about the application. The cover letter is necessary in order for us to pay commissions to our partners.

3.  Seattle Central issues the acceptance letter, I-20, and orientation materials and mails these documents via Express Mail to the agency. There is no charge to your agency or the student for this service.

4.  Student/agent makes appointment/arrangements to obtain visa in home country.

5.  Student/agent arranges housing and airport pickup if applicable. With the exception of The Studios on Broadway (Seattle Central's on-campus apartments), we do not provide assistance in securing housing. Agency may contact our homestay partner agencies for assistance with homestays, off-campus apartments, and airport pickup.

6. Agent provides student with orientation information. A reasonable orientation program should include:
   -  The student's Seattle Central orientation schedule
   -  Information on the student's host family and homestay expectations
   -  Phone numbers for the host family agency, if applicable
   -  The name of the person picking the student up at the airport, if applicable
   -  Logistical information about setting up life in Seattle (banking information, for example)
   -  A basic understanding of our academic programs and services so that the students have appropriate expectations when they arrive (for more information, see Frequently Asked Questions).

7. Student/agent makes arrangements to pay for the student’s first quarter at Seattle Central prior to leaving home country. Tuition and fees are due within seven business days from the date student registers for classes. Payment may be made before or after arrival in Seattle. Tuition is due immediately if a student registers for classes on or after the first day of the quarter. Late payments may result in a student’s inability to register for classes or use campus facilities.

8. When applicable, student arrives at Seattle Central and takes placement exam(s). Students who have not pre-registered must now register for classes and pay fees.

9. Commission payments are processed each quarter once the refund period for the students has passed. Agencies can expect to receive a wire transfer or bank check for their commission approximately ten weeks from the beginning of the academic quarter. Global Marketing Agreements and Certificates of Partnership are issued to agents after placing their first student at Seattle Central in accordance with policies and procedures.