IEP-sponsored workshops are designed to assist students with their personal and career development. The workshops will provide information about immigration rules, education and career choices, cultural adjustment and other issues. The format will be a combination of speakers, handouts, assessments and discussion, with time for questions and answers.

Each of the workshops below are offered each quarter. Updates with workshop times and locations will be provided when they are available, via our e-newsletters

Employment Workshop

Come and learn about the different employment options for international students, including on-campus jobs and Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Graduation & Beyond: Transfer, grace period, and more!

Stop by and learn about how to transfer to another college when you graduate, the 60 day grace period, OPT, and lots more!

Volunteer Experience Workshop

An Internship or volunteer experience is a valuable asset to any resume, especially for new Graduates looking for employment. Even an unpaid Internship provides that valuable work experience most employers are looking for.

Other benefits of volunteering are:

- Gain valuable workplace skills.
- Connect to the community.
- The satisfaction of doing something for others.

All College Students and College Bridge Level Students are eligible to join.