Wire Transfer Guide

Seattle Central accepts wire transfers for:

- tuition and fees deposits for students’ first quarter / year of study
- payment for on-campus housing fees

General Guidelines on Wire Transfers

A completed Wire Transfer Notification Form must be submitted to Seattle Central, along with the bank receipt for the wire transfer. Wire transfers will not be processed until these documents have been submitted and all required information has been provided on the form.

Wired funds can take up to 5 business days to appear in Seattle Central’s account, depending on the routing from the sending bank and other issues beyond our control. Please note that students who do not make payment by the tuition due date will be dropped from their classes by Seattle Central's registration office, so we recommend students and parents make sure wire transfer funds are available at the time of registration. Payments not received in time may result in serious problems for the student, including the inability to attend classes or use campus facilities.

Only funds related to first quarter/year tuition and fees or payments for Seattle Central's on-campus housing (The Studios on Broadway) should be wired to the college. Other costs, such as off-campus housing payments and miscellaneous living expenses, should not be wired (information on costs associated with these items is available here). Housing payments for The Studios on Broadway should only be wired after the student receives a placement confirmation and invoice for the payment.

Refunds: In the event that requests for a refund of the deposit or any remaining balance of the deposit are made, an administrative fee of US$40 will be deducted prior to the refund. Refunds can only be made to the person who sent the original wire transfer, and only to the bank account in the country where the wire originated. Deposits cannot be refunded to any other account, including a student’s personal bank account in the United States. Refunds must be requested by completing a refund form, available from our International Fiscal Services department. If an agency was involved in the initial wire transfer, both student and agent must agree to the refund. If the refund is to go back to the agency, the student must provide a letter approving this refund.

Note: Only incoming college and SCIE students should wire money to the college directly. Current students should make arrangements to have money wired directly to their personal account.

Quarterly tuition and fees information is available here.

Steps for sending the Wire Transfer

1. Please contact our finance department (SeattleCentral.IntlFinance@seattlecolleges.edu) to obtain our banking information. Please remember to include your full name, date of birth, or student ID number (if available) in your message.

2. Follow procedures at your bank for making a wire transfer, using the banking information we provided.

3. Be sure that the student’s name, SID number (if available), and date of birth are included in the wire transfer payment details (include information for all students included in the wire). Please note that if we are not able to identify which student the wire transfer is intended for, the wire transfer may be returned to the sender.

4. Fax or e-mail the Wire Transfer Notification Form and the bank receipt from the wire transfer to our finance department (e-mail: SeattleCentral.IntlFinance@seattlecolleges.edu or fax: 206-934-3868). Wire transfers will not be processed without both of these documents. 

5. Allow up to 5 business days for the wire transfer to be received by Seattle Central’s bank and to be ready for use.

6. The wire transfer deposit will be applied to the student's tuition and fees charges following the guidelines detailed below.

Processing the tuition and fees wire transfer deposit

1. The student registers for classes either through pre-registration (if eligible) or after meeting with an advisor.

2. A staff member checks that the Wire Transfer Notification Form, bank receipt and the wired funds have been received.*

3. The wired funds are applied to the student's account.

4. An email is sent to the student, confirming that the wire transfer deposit has been applied. The student is informed at that time of any additional payment due.

5. Any leftover balance from the wire transfer deposit is carried over to the next quarter.

*If we have not received all three of these items, we will not be able to process payment following registration. Students should contact their parents or agent to ensure that the wire transfer is sent on time, and that the proper forms (Wire Transfer Notification Form and bank wiring receipt) are sent to Seattle Central as quickly as possible. Students who do not make payment by the tuition due date will be dropped from their classes by Seattle Central's registration office.