Where Can You Transfer?

We take great pride in the fact that, each year, Seattle Central international students are admitted to many well-ranked four-year colleges and universities all over the country.

Our international advisors and Transfer Center assist students with selecting transfer institutions that best fit their academic results, study and career plans, budget, and lifestyle preferences, including:

- public and private schools
- in and out-of-state institutions
- universities and four-year colleges of all rankings

Transfer Agreements and Guarantees

Seattle Central has developed Direct Transfer Agreements (DTA) with many in and out-of-state four-year colleges and universities. DTAs guarantee that students transferring with an Associate's degree will be given 90 quarter credits towards their 180 credit baccalaureate degree.

In addition, to further assist international students in reaching their academic goals, Seattle Central also offers Transfer Admission Guarantees, at the time of admission, from select partner schools.

How We Help International Students Transfer

Seattle Central has long been recognized for its ability to transfer students to well-known four-year colleges and universities. Here are a few of the ways we assist students prepare for transfer:

Academic Advising

The International Education Programs (IEP) Office provides academic and immigration advising to all international students, by appointment or during walk-in hours. All new students are assigned to a primary advisor when they first enroll at Seattle Central, and are encouraged to talk to their advisor about their academic progress, transfer plans, or any other issues related to their enrollment at Seattle Central.

Long-Range Plan

Seattle Central requires all transfer students to complete a long-range plan by the time they have earned 45 college-level credits. The plan is a quarter-by-quarter outline of all the courses a student will need to take to complete his/her degree. By developing this plan, students will be certain that they are meeting degree and transfer requirements, and taking the courses necessary for their major.

Academic Pathways and Major Planning Guides

To assist transfer students in meeting the requirements of their major, Seattle Central has developed Academic Pathways and Major Planning Guides. These helpful documents organize related majors into categories, provide general descriptions of what subject areas these majors entail, and lists courses generally required by four-year colleges and universities where these majors are offered.

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center provides information for transfer students on colleges and universities in the United States, including admission requirements, application deadlines, and scholarships. Each quarter, workshops are scheduled to help students plan their next step and prepare their transfer.

Transfer Fairs

Several times a year, Seattle Central holds transfer fairs on its campus to help students learn more about university and college programs in the United States. Seattle Central invites all of its partner schools from Washington State and across the country to visit our campus and meet individually with students about transferring to their institutions.