College / University Transfer

Here you will find resources to help you succeed in the College / University Transfer program.

Transfer Resources

Transfer Degrees Webpage
Transfer Center

Resources for International Students

Planning For Transfer

Outside of studying for your classes, planning your transfer is the most important thing you will do while at Seattle Central. The following information will help you use the resources available in the Transfer Center to plan for transferring after finishing your studies at Seattle Central.

1. Attend an Introduction to Transfer Workshop

2. Visit the Transfer Center resource pages

3. Download your copy of the Transfer Handbook

4. Begin going through the workbook following the Transfer Timeline

5. Long Range Plan Meeting (upon reaching 45 credits)

6. Apply for Graduation (quarter before you plan to graduate)

7. Final Quarter:

a. Sign-up to attend the graduation ceremony and submit a Transfer Out Request along with your acceptance letter to your primary advisor once you have been accepted to the school of your choice
b. Make other preparations (i.e. apply for OPT or plan to return home, etc.)

Academic Pathways and Major Planning Guides

Plan to choose classes for your degree that will help you prepare for your major. The best way to select classes is to find the major requirements at the university where you plan to transfer, then choose those classes at Seattle Central.

Following are major planning guides that can help you to plan the classes you need based on your major:

Actuarial Science Pathway
Business Pathway
Fine Arts Pathway
Health Science Pathway
Humanities Pathway
Social Science Pathway
Major planning guides at the Transfer Center

Transfer Options

International students at Seattle Central have transferred to hundreds of colleges and universities both in Washington and in other states, all provided in the links below.

- Seattle Colleges Transfer Agreements
- Seattle Colleges Transfer Admission Guarantee Partners
- Schools were Seattle Central students have been admitted

If the university you are interested in is not in the lists above, don’t worry! You can still prepare to transfer there, just be sure to follow the transfer process above and get help from an advisor in the Transfer Center.