Transferring Out

Students are generally allowed to transfer from one SEVIS-approved school to another, as long as they are maintaining status. If you are planning to transfer, but have not maintained visa status, plan to speak to the advisor at your new school about regaining F-1 status on transfer.

Timeline for Transfer

- If you are completing a program of study (for example, graduating with a degree ), you must be accepted and transfer out within the 60-day grace period following your last day of attendance (please see our Program Completion webpage for more information on the grace period). You must start at the new school at the next available start date, or within 5 months of your last day of attendance, whichever might come first.

- If you are completing the current academic term, but are not finishing your program, you must transfer out and start at the new institution at the next available start date.

- If you wish to transfer before completing the current academic term, contact the IP Office for more guidance. 

Steps for Transfer

1/ Apply to the new school (submit application, financial documents, transcript, etc.) and get accepted!

2/ Bring the following documents to the IP Office: 

          - Transfer/ Status Verification Form (if applicable)

          - A copy of the Acceptance Letter from the new school or admission confirmation

3/ Submit   

          - SEVIS Release Request

          - Acceptance letter from your new school

After you completed ALL the steps above, the advisor will schedule release of your SEVIS record. Records are normally released at the end of the student’s last quarter of attendance. If the final quarter has already ended, then the record will normally be released in within 2-3 business days. 

Once the new school has your record, it will release a transfer pending I-20 form for the quarter you will begin.

Important things to remember:

- Once the SEVIS record has been released to the new school, the IP Office no longer has access to the record. If you change your mind, and decide you wish to attend another institution, you must speak with the advisor at school who has access to your record.

- Once the SEVIS record has been released to your new school, your Seattle Central I-20 form is no longer valid. If you will travel outside the United States before transfering to the new school, be sure to use the transfer pending I-20 form for re-entry.