The Application

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Seattle Central College. To become a partner, you must complete a Global Marketing Agreement Application (GMAA).

To complete a GMAA, you will need to create an account. Creating an account allows you to save your entries, and finish your GMAA at a later time if needed. Please note that accounts are valid for 30 days; if you do not complete your GMAA within 30 days, your entries will be deleted, and you will need to start a new GMAA.

A GMAA consists of two sections; both sections must be completed before a GMAA can be submitted:
Section 1 – Online questionnaire
Section 2 – Upload of all required business documents

Completing a GMAA should take between 20 and 40 minutes, and requires applicants to have / upload the following items or information:

1. Company profile written on company letterhead. The agency's company profile is a description of the agency, usually including the agency’s history (when it was founded); number of employees; and description of services. Company letterhead generally includes the company’s official name, contact information and logo. For a sample company profile on company letterhead, click here.

2. Agency business license. In most cases, the name on the business license must be the same as or similar to the official agency name used in the GMAA. Licenses written in languages other than English are acceptable; however, if the license is not written in English, you must also submit an official English translation of the license.

3. Preferred method of payment. Agencies that work with us on a commission basis may choose to be paid either by wire transfer or check. In most cases, the name of the business bank account used for commission payments must be the same as or similar to the agency name used on the GMAA. Upon selection of your preferred method of payment and completion of section 1, you will be given access to the appropriate form to download and upload.

4. For agencies with more than one office: we require contact information (address, email, etc.) for the agency headquarters and ALL agency branch offices from which admission applications may be sent. To be considered a branch office, the branch must have the same company name as the name of the headquarters.

- We accept PDF, WORD, or JPEG files for upload.
- Uploaded files cannot exceed 10 MBs each.
- Files must be uploaded individually / separately.

If you have questions about the GMAA or need further assistance, please email us at


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