Summer in Seattle

Come and join Seattle Central for Summer in Seattle. Summer is the best time to study in the Pacific Northwest, make friends, enjoy campus activities, and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

Seattle Central offers a wide range of options in Summer to meet your educational goals. You can develop your English skills, take college classes in a focused area of study, or enroll for a lighter schedule so you have time to enjoy Summer time activities throughout Seattle. Summer classes can be completed in just eight weeks, and you will receive a certificate of completion to take home with you at the end of the term.

An added bonus to joining Summer in Seattle is that you can stay in our on-campus housing. More information is available further down this page.

Study Program Options

Depending on your goals and language ability, you can study ESL in the Institute of English or take college classes in the IP Short-Term Certificate program.

Institute of English

The Seattle Central Institute of English (SCIE) offers classes for Summer in Seattle students of all English levels. SCIE has three different programs:
- Intensive English (full-time ESL, levels 1 – 3)
- Advanced English (full-time ESL, levels 4 – 5)
- College Bridge (ESL + college classes, levels 4 – 6)

Sample Summer schedules:
(classes are held Monday through Thursday unless otherwise noted)

Intensive English
11:20am – 2:10pm: Reading/Writing/Grammar
2:40pm – 5:30pm: Speaking/Listening/Grammar

Advanced English
11:20am – 12:40pm: Introductory College Bridge Reading (CB4)
1:10pm – 2:30pm: Introduction to Academic Writing (AW4)
2:40pm – 4:00pm: ESL Elective (Cross Cultural Communication)
4:10pm – 5:30pm: Lecture Comprehension & Discussion

College Bridge
8:10am – 9:30am: Advanced College Bridge Reading (CB6)
9:40am – 11:00am: Advanced Academic Writing (AW6)
11:20am – 12:40pm: Introduction to Psychology (PSYC& 100)

IP Short-Term Certificates

Students who are eligible for full-time college study can choose from a wide variety of course options in the IP Short-Term Certificate program. Concentrations are offered in five different certificates; visit our dedicated webpage for complete details.

Sample Summer schedules:
(classes are held Monday through Thursday unless otherwise noted)

Business in a Global Society
8:00am – 9:30am: Introduction to Business (BUS& 101)
9:40am – 11:10am: Introduction to Accounting (ACCT& 201)
11:20am – 12:50pm: Integrated Business Communication (BUS 131)

Computer Science and Technology
8:00am – 9:30am: Information Systems Concepts (ITC 102)
9:40am – 11:10am: Programming Concepts and Fundamentals (ITC 110)
11:20am – 12:50pm: Database Development (ITC 220)

Cultures and Communication
8:00am – 9:30am: Intercultural Communication (HUM 105)
9:40am – 11:10am: International Relations (POLS 203)
11:20am – 12:50pm: Cultural Anthropology (ANTH& 206)
General Studies
The General Studies IP Short-Term Certificate allows students the opportunity to choose classes in any subject area. Sample schedules are below:

Academic Focus
Introduction to Psychology (PSYC& 100)     
Intercultural Communication (HUM 105)
Introduction to Sociology (SOC& 101)

Personal Development Focus
Drawing (ART 111)
Introduction to Microcomputers (MIC 101)
Beginning Group Piano (MUSC 126)
Yoga (PEC 136)

Fun Summer Activities

Summer is the best time to be in Seattle. Since classes are held four days a week, Monday through Thursday, students can enjoy a nice 3-day weekend and use that time to explore the city and Seattle's great outdoors. From our downtown location, students have easy access to the waterfront / ocean, two lakes, and nearby mountains. Students can also spend time with classmates taking part in campus activities.

On-Campus Housing

Summer in Seattle students who are 17 or older can request placement in Seattle Central’s on-campus apartments, The Studios on Broadway. These fully-furnished studio apartments each have a full kitchen and private bathroom, and are conveniently located directly across the street from Seattle Central’s main campus building. Meals are not included, but supermarkets and many restaurants are located within a five-minute walk. The Studios are shared spaces for 2 to 4 residents, depending on the unit. Cost for the Summer license period is $2,820 to $3,590, depending on the unit.

Students interested in homestays or other housing options can find details on our website:

Airport Transfers

There are many ways to get to Seattle Central College from the airport. For more information about airport transfers, please see our dedicated webpage.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is charged automatically to all F-1 students enrolling for Summer in Seattle. Details on Seattle Central’s medical insurance policy can be found on our website.

Apply to Summer in Seattle

To apply for Summer in Seattle, complete our admission application by the deadline. Be sure to:
- select Summer as your intended starting quarter
- select Intensive English, Advanced English/College Bridge, or IP Short Term Certificate as your program
- submit all required application documents as instructed
- submit an application for on-campus housing after you receive your F-1 student visa

Start / Report Date

This year, Summer in Seattle classes will start on June 24, 2019. However, depending on their English proficiency, students will need to arrive in Seattle one to ten days in advance of the start date, to attend our mandatory orientation and take the required English and/or Math placement tests.

Once admitted, students should refer to their acceptance materials for further information regarding their report date, orientation and placement testing. Students can also contact for assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus this Summer!