Studios Placement Information

Placement Dates

Seattle Central places new students in the Studios on Broadway when they first arrive at Seattle Central, for the specific license periods listed on our website. At the end of the license period, residents must move to another living situation (apartment, host family, etc.). Seattle Central will provide resources to assist students in arranging new housing in the area.

Housing and roommate assignments

Housing and roommate assignments are made based on space availability and on the preferences indicated on the Housing Preferences & Application Form. Effort is taken to accommodate student preferences and to match students with compatible roommates. However, preferences can not be guaranteed, and students are encouraged to apply early.

If we are unable to accommodate a student’s first preferences, we will next attempt to accommodate their second and/or third choices. Therefore, students are advised to carefully consider all questions on the Housing Preferences & Application Form.

Students who wish to live together may indicate their roommate request on the Housing Preferences & Application Form. Roommate requests will only be considered if all parties mutually request each other, and as space permits. We cannot guaranty specific roommate requests, but we will make every effort to grant this request.

Roommates must be of the same sex, and housing will not be available to male/female couples or to individuals under 17 years old.

Please note that completed applications to live in the Studios on Broadway typically take about two weeks to process.