Important Studio Policies

Payment Policy

Once students accept their housing placement by submitting the Placement Acceptance Form, they are provided with the bank transfer information necessary to remit payment. From the date that bank transfer information is provided, students have 10 business days to remit payment of their total housing fees. Payment must be made by bank transfer. Housing fees for the entire license period must be paid up front to secure a space in the Studios on Broadway. Applicants who do not submit full payment within the time allotted may lose their housing placement.

Refund Policy

Fees for the Studios on Broadway consist of the Occupancy Fee, Restoration Fee, and Damage Deposit:

•Occupancy Fee – The Occupancy Fee is the cost of living in the Studios on Broadway for the license period. Occupancy Fees are non-refundable.
•Restoration Fee – The $300 Restoration Fee covers maintenance and cleaning costs for the unit. Restoration Fees are non-refundable in all cases.
•Damage Deposit – The $300 Damage Deposit is refundable at the conclusion of the license period, less any assessed charges for damage to the unit or to the Studios on Broadway.

Further details about our refund policy can be found in the License Agreement.

Behavioral Policies

To allow us to best serve our students, and to ensure that living in the Studios on Broadway is a positive, safe, and comfortable experience for all students, residents are required to observe all policies contained in the license agreement. Examples include:

•The Studios on Broadway is a non-smoking building.
•Residents should not tamper with or remove any fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers.
•For the comfort of all residents, pets are not allowed in the Studios on Broadway.
•Residents must escort their guests at all times and should not share their building access cards with others.
•Alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the Studios on Broadway.
•Residents should be respectful of one another and keep noise levels to a minimum. 

For a full list of our behavioral policies, please visit Housing Rules.

License Agreement

The License Agreement is a binding legal agreement between residents of the Studios on Broadway and Seattle Central College. This document contains detailed information about all relevant policies. By signing the License Agreement, students agree to accept all of these policies.

The License Agreement can be viewed online by clicking here.