Student Activities And Clubs

To take full advantage of your life in the United States, you will want to extend your learning outside of the classroom. At Seattle Central, there are many ways to enjoy and experience the richness and diversity of the American college life.

International Programs (IP) Activities    

IP encourages a complete student experience in Seattle. We offer many social activities to help international students practice English and feel at home in Seattle. From baseball games to movie nights to ski trips, this is a great way to relax and have fun with other international students.

You can also practice your English --- free! There are many opportunities available to our international students interested in improving their English in a relaxed setting.  Some popular examples include "Coffee Talk," Java Wednesdays, and the Conversation Partner Program.

We welcome all students to join in the fun!

Seattle Central Clubs and organizations 

Just take a look at our current list of student clubs and organizations and you’ll see why Seattle Central is well-known for its diversity and student involvement. With anywhere from 60 to 80 active clubs/organizations on campus, you’ll find everything from culture and language to religion and politics. There is also an impressive number of sports teams to choose from. You don’t see what you’re looking for? Then start a club of your own – all you need is 8 interested students!

Other social opportunities 

For more great and rewarding ways to become involved in organized campus activities, visit the Leadership Opportunities link on the left.

Employment (jobs) on campus

Many international students have jobs on campus. In general, jobs require good communication skills in English.