The International Education Programs (IEP) Office provides academic and immigration advising services to all international students at Seattle Central College. Advisors are available during walk-in hours or by appointment. Please visit the Who Should we See” page to learn who is able to assist you in the International Education Programs (IEP) Office. In most cases, our staff will need to see your photo ID before assisting you. Please be sure to bring your Seattle Central Student ID, or other valid picture ID, when you visit our office.

The International Education Programs (IEP) Office has three computer terminals for students to use in accessing Seattle Central's website, and for registering for classes. The computers are heavily used during registration times. Note that access on the computers is limited to the Seattle College District server, and does not provide printing services. Students who wish to access other websites, or to print information should go to the college computer lab.


The IEP division has a counselor who is available to assist students with a variety of issues, including career exploration, choosing majors, cultural adjustment and other personal issues. Students can make an appointment to see our counselor in the International Education Programs (IEP) Office. 

Documents You Can Request

The International Education Programs (IEP) Office can provide all of the documents listed below on request. Note that our office cannot provide copies or originals of transcripts or other documents in student files. Official transcripts for all Seattle Central programs are available from the registration office (visit the Registration Office web page for assistance). 

Procedure for Requesting Documents:

1. Submit a completed form to the International Education Programs (IEP) Office (incomplete forms cannot be processed). Forms are available in our office or on request by e-mail at

2. Documents will be prepared according to the specified processing times (see below under individual forms).

Enrollment Letters

The Enrollment Letter confirms that a student is currently enrolled, or was enrolled at Seattle Central College. By request, we are able to list quarters a student attended, currently attending, and projected completion of a program or degree.

Estimated completion time: 3 business days.

Invitation Letter

The IEP Office can provide this letter for students’ relatives who may want to visit them while they study at Seattle Central. Students’ relatives may use this document for their B1/B2 visa* interview at the United States Embassy or Consulate.

Estimated completion time: 3 business days.

Documents for Washington State ID / Driver’s License

In order to obtain a Washington State ID or driver’s license, students must prove that they reside in Washington State. According to the Department of Licensing, students who do not have Social Security Numbers can request for the SEVIS Letters to apply for the Washington state Driver’s License and Washington ID. These documents are only part of what students need to obtain a state ID or driver’s license. Applicants should contact the Department of Licensing for a full list of document needed to apply for their Washington ID / Driver’s Licenses at the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Note that new students must wait until their record has been registered in SEVIS to request these documents, usually in the 4th week of the first quarter and that the SEVIS Letter is only ONE of the many options that the DOL will accept as the proof of Washington residency.

Estimated completion time (including mailing): 7 business days.

Certificates – SCIE and IEP Short-Term Certificate Program

Students who meet requirements for SCIE or IEP Short-Term Certificate Program certificates can request the certificate in the International Education Programs (IEP) Office. Please email us at for complete information on certificate eligibility requirements for both programs.

Estimated completion time: 1-3 weeks, depending on when the request is made.