Seattle Central provides over 30 different professional/technical programs for students seeking practical career training in high demand fields. Depending on the chosen program, students work toward a certificate (1-2 years, depending on the program) or an Associate of Applied Science Degree (two years).

A complete list of professional & technical programs can be found here. Please note that the Marine Technology and Marine Engineering programs are not available to international students. 

Admission to Professional and Technical Programs

Students who plan to join a Professional & Technical Program must follow the regular admission process for international students. Applicants should then contact the division where the program is offered to discuss the application process for that specific program. In some cases, students may be able to take program classes as soon as they are eligible for college-level study. With most programs though, there is a formal admission process, including a list of pre-requisites that must be met before formal acceptance to the program can be granted.   

After meeting all program pre-requisites, students must make an appointment with the Professional and Technical coordinator to be placed on the program ready list. Students not eligible for the program by the time admissions decisions are made should expect to wait until the next available intake period to be admitted. In cases where programs have an extensive wait list and limited intakes, students may need to wait until the following year before starting the program.

Meeting Program Pre-Requisites

Program pre-requisites can normally be met while attending Seattle Central, although it may depend on the program and the specific requirements. Students who have completed pre-requisite coursework at another institution prior to applying to Seattle Central, must ensure that an official transcript is submitted to the International Admissions Office for evaluation. Visit the programs websites for specific information on pre-requisites:

Transferability of Degrees

In general, Professional and Technical programs are designed to provide professional training, not transfer to 4-year colleges or universities as with the college transfer program. Students whose long term goal is to complete a bachelor’s degree should normally plan to join the college transfer degree, and not choose the professional and technical option. 

In some cases, it may be possible for students to earn an AAS-T degree, which allows transfer of the degree to a very limited number of institutions. The end result may be a bachelor’s degree in that field of study, or a bachelor’s degree in general studies. More information on articulation agreements to accept the AAS-T degree is available on the College Transfer Center's website: