Pre-register For Classes

New students who qualify for a direct college placement can pre-register for their first quarter classes before arriving at Seattle Central. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity, as Seattle Central is a popular institution and college classes sometimes fill quickly.

Students who do not pre-register and wait until they arrive in Seattle may have limited choices for classes and have to choose from what is left. For this reason, we encourage all students to take official English proficiency tests in advance and submit test results early!

Once a student demonstrates sufficient English proficiency for a direct college placement, our office will provide detailed information about the pre-registration process, including how to best choose first quarter classes and pay school tuition, fees, and medical insurance online.

For online applicants, pre-registration forms can be downloaded and submitted directly via the admission application portal. Once the student’s pre-registration request is processed, the schedule and payment instructions will also be provided via the admission application portal.