Policy Information

Primary Policy Benefits

- Maximum per injury or sickness: US$ 2,000,000
- Annual maximum (consecutive 12 months): US$ 2,000,000
- Repatriation of remains coverage of at least US$25,000
- Medical evacuation coverage of at least US$50,000
- All benefits payable in the United States

For a summary of the benefits and coverage offered by LewerMark, click here. The full insurance policy is also available here.

Specific Policy Benefits

- Illness, sickness, and injury
- Preventive and wellness services, including routine physical or health examinations or immunizations (50% covered up to $250)
- Emergency Room visit ($100 per visit emergency room access fee)
- Injuries not related to school sporting activities
- Pregnancy care*
- Laboratory and X-ray costs
- Prescription drugs (100% covered if dispensed as inpatient in the hospital; 50% covered if dispensed as outpatient at a Cigna Pharmacy)
- Preexisting conditions up to $10,000**
- Ambulance
- Casts, splints or crutches
- Rental of wheelchair or hospital bed
- Medical Evacuation
- Repatriation of remains

*Subject to pre-existing condition limitation
**Students who have preexisting conditions or medical expenses requiring significant prescription drug cost may want to consider supplemental insurance.


The college insurance policy does not pay for:

- Elective (not necessary) surgery
- Treatment of acne
- Anything to do with the teeth, jaw, or gums (will cover natural teeth if lost or injured in a non-sporting accident to a maximum of $100 per tooth)
- Hearing aids, eyeglasses, contact lenses
- Hang gliding, skydiving, or parachuting injuries
- Alcohol or drug related injuries or illness or injury
- Accident resulting from having driven a car without a valid license
- Injury from act of war, or participation in a riot

Also note that you are not covered by Seattle Central’s insurance policy when you are in your home country. You can be covered by the policy during a quarter break if you are in a country other than your home country.

If you have a serious medical condition that requires you to be on full or part-time medical leave, the Lewer policy may not cover you after your first quarter of full or part-time leave. If your condition prevents you from enrolling full time for a second quarter, you may consider returning to your home country until you have fully recovered. If you remain in the United States on medical leave after your first quarter of full-time or part-time medical leave, you may need to find a new insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.