Paying for Medical Insurance


Premiums for Students

The cost of the Seattle College District policy is $383.22 per student each quarter, and is charged automatically to international students on F-1 and M-1 visa at the time of registration.

The medical insurance premium is 100% refundable if classes are dropped before the first day of the quarter. As of the first day of the quarter, the premium is non-refundable. Students who may file a claim prior to the start of the term should take care, as refunding the premium will affect their insurance coverage.

Premiums for Spouses and Dependents

Lewermark does not offer insurance coverage for dependent spouses or children of F-1 students. If you have a dependent spouse and/or dependent children who need medical insurance coverage and would like suggestions for other insurance options, please visit the International Education Programs Office in BE1113 for assistance.

Exceptions to the Insurance Requirement

The following students are exempt from the requirement to purchase Seattle Central’s insurance policy:
- International students attending Seattle Central on visas other than F-1 or M-1
- F-1 students taking classes at Seattle Central while on an I-20 form from another U.S. institution
- Government-sponsored students already provided with insurance from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, the Embassy of Kuwait, Embassy of Oman, or Embassy of the UAE.

Insurance Card

With your insurance from the school, you will need to log in to the LewerMark website and print an insurance card from the Lewer Agency. Your insurance card should have your name in English and your insurance ID number on it. Always carry your insurance card in your wallet. When your doctor asks for your insurance information, you can provide this card.

If your insurance card is lost or stolen, login with your student ID number to the Lewer Agency website to print a new one.

Release of Information to Lewer Agency

In order to enroll students in the insurance plan, the college must provide certain information to the insurance company on a quarterly basis:

- Name
- Address
- Student ID Number
- Date of Birth
- Visa Status
- Gender
- Confirmation of approval for Reduced Course Load (if applicable) and reasons for approval.