Other Learning Opportunities

In addition to great classes and programs, Seattle Central College offers many other learning opportunities to its international students.

Internships and Volunteering

Current students at Seattle Central can find opportunities for internships and volunteer experiences at Seattle Central.

The Cooperative Education Office can assist students in finding different internship and volunteer opportunities. This includes service learning (usually attached to a class) or volunteering for credit. The Cooperative Education Office can also assist students in locating paid internships. For more information on getting permission to work off-campus in paid internship positions, please click here.

Ready, Set, Transfer (RST) Initiative

Ready, Set, Transfer! (RST) is a Seattle Colleges initiative that supports students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

RST supports students through their transition into a STEM career by providing Academic Planning and Transfer Planning workshops, a STEM speaker series that highlights career opportunities in engineering and the sciences, field trips to private and public industry STEM jobsites, and a community of STEM student peers. Academy members also complete a capstone undergraduate research project on their campus or at a nearby corporation or university. Participants in RST will learn to connect their academic work with their career aspirations; develop study and research skills to support them in their classes; receive real-world guidance from working professionals; and gain valuable experience in research and analysis so critical to a successful career in STEM fields.

For more information on RST and how you can participate, contact Joshua Whorley, RST Coordinator at Seattle Central, at (206) 934-4081 or Joshua.Whorley@seattlecolleges.edu.