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ITL197 - International Cooperative Education Course

WANTED: Cross Cultural Explorers!

Coming to the USA? Going Abroad? Would you like to earn university-level academic credit for your cross cultural experiences in a community organization or workplace and deepen your cultural interactions during your time abroad? If so, enroll in our five credit course!

What is the advantage for you besides deeper cross cultural understanding?

- Exchange students: If you decide to earn a Bachelor’s degree in the USA, you will already have 5 credits from Seattle Central College on your academic transcript. These college credits in most cases will apply toward your undergraduate degree* (*It is up to a specific university to determine what transfer credit will be accepted from another institution).

- Work and Travel / Interns coming to the USA: Including Seattle Central College and this course on your resume or CV will add value to your employment marketability.

All “cross cultural explorers” enrolled in our ITL 197 International Cooperative Education course will choose a rich, diverse cross cultural setting to work or volunteer in for this experience. Through the course, you will:

1. Work or volunteer productively in an organization in the host country.
2. Recognize ethnic, cultural, political, and economic diversity in the host country through journal entries.
3. Convey the differences in organizational culture of your system vs. the host country through journal entries and final report.

You will have approximately 4 months to complete all assignments and email them to the instructor (the exact deadline will be provided with confirmation of your enrollment). After you have finished, you can access your grade electronically through your student account at Seattle Central College – or request an official transcript from the College Registrar.

The course tuition fee is $550. After you apply, you will receive directions about how to pay by credit card.


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