Medical Insurance

The cost of medical care in the United States is very high. With few exceptions, international students enrolled at Seattle Central are required to purchase the Seattle College District insurance policy which is offered through LewerMark. As explained in the video below, the insurance policy will help students cover the cost of medical care during their stay in the United States.


The cost of the medical insurance policy is $376.80 per quarter. That amount is charged automatically to international students at the time of registration.


Students who buy the Seattle College District insurance policy are covered from the first day of the quarter until the day before the next quarter begins. Students who take a vacation quarter are not covered during their time off from school, and so must pay separately to maintain coverage. Students finishing their program are covered for an extra 30 days after their final classes.

Coverage does not include dependent spouses or children of F-1 students. Students who need medical insurance for their dependent spouse and/or children should visit the International Education Programs (IEP) Office upon arrival for assistance.

A general summary and the full insurance policy are available on our site for current students.

Exceptions to the insurance requirements

The following students are exempted from purchasing the Seattle College District insurance policy:
- International students attending Seattle Central on visas other than F-1 or M-1
- F-1 students taking classes at Seattle Central while on an I-20 form from another U.S. institution
- Government-sponsored students already provided with insurance from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, the Embassy of Kuwait, Embassy of Oman, or Embassy of the UAE.

Insurance card

To show proof of coverage, students must print an insurance card directly from the LewerMark website. The insurance card will list the student’s name in English and his/her insurance ID number. Students should always carry their insurance card in their wallet, and provide the card to their doctor during medical visits.

How can students find a doctor?

LewerMark, as many other insurance companies, will pay more of the medical bill if students go see a "network" or "preferred" doctor. To find a doctor in the network, students should visit our webpage or the LewerMark website.