Leadership Opportunities

The Seattle Central Student Leadership Office is open to all Seattle Central students. It supports a rich mix of activities and programs which create an atmosphere of opportunity for students to develop and practice organizational and leadership skills in a nurturing learning environment. Student Leadership opportunities include activities, boards, committees, and clubs which are listed on their website.

A couple of specific opportunities that might be of special interest for international students are:

Global Engagement Team

The Global Engagement Team (GET) is comprised of five to six students that work together to provide local activities and other opportunities for involvement to all students at Seattle Central. In addition to this primary goal, GET also strives to maximize interaction between international and local students, assists in orienting international students to Seattle and to the college, collaborates with other student groups, and provides valuable leadership opportunities that enhance the student experience.

Each quarter, GET members:
- Coordinate the Conversation Partners Program
- Assist with International student orientations
- Liaise with other student groups
- Plan activities, including one or two community service based activities
- Plan one large-scale activity as an entire team

International Student Advisory Council

The International Student Advisory Council (ISAC) is a team of five students that work together to create a student voice, to guide, support, and advise the International Programs to create a more welcoming, supportive, effective, and efficient learning environment at Seattle Central for international students.

Each quarter, ISAC members:
- Serve as the student voice with the Management Team of the IP Office
- Collect student concerns regarding IP practices and present common issues to the IP management team
- Participate in committees or focus groups at the request of any member of the IP management team
- Hold 1 open forum per quarter for all international students where recent changes can be shared and questions can be answered
- Communicate with international students about International Programs
- Provide feedback (when requested) on recruitment materials, website design and navigation, orientation, activities and services