Institute Of English

International students can study English as a Second Language (ESL) in one of the three programs offered at the Seattle Central Institute of English (SCIE), including the Intensive English Program, Advanced English Program, and the College Bridge Program. SCIE offers over 25 different classes in these programs within a culturally diverse and welcoming learning environment right in downtown Seattle.

SCIE also offers:

- Experienced faculty with Masters degrees in English or Teaching English as a Second Language
- Full access to Seattle Central facilities, activities and services
- Ability to earn transferable college credits while studying English
- Acceptance to full-time college classes without additional English testing upon completion
- Certificates upon passage of the Intensive English and College Bridge programs

SCIE study programs

Intensive English Program

Advanced English Program

College Bridge Program

If you are planning to study ESL then continue in a college program, click here to see how your English classes will fit in with your chosen college program.

SCIE services

In addition to the activitiesservices and leadership opportunities provided to all students enrolled at Seattle Central, SCIE students receive these additional benefits:

Free Tutoring
SCIE and the College Tutoring Center offer free tutoring to all international students studying at Seattle Central College. Students in SCIE levels 1 -3 who would like extra help with their classes can meet an SCIE instructor for up to two free tutoring sessions per week. Some tutoring hours are also offered during open lab time in SCIE's computer lab. College Bridge students needing extra help can get up to two tutoring sessions per week with professional ESL tutors at the college's Tutoring Center.

Computer Lab
SCIE students will often have classes and tutoring in a Computer lab reserved especially for SCIE students. This computer lab is different from the college's main student computer lab, which is also available to SCIE students.

"Another epiphany of my life was an answer on my admission to Seattle Central College: "Congratulations! You have been accepted to the Seattle Central Institute of English at Seattle Central College," and immediately thoughts of United States business prominence and visions of my future success flashed through my mind. The opportunities to go to the US changed my plan and the purpose of my life. Those words gave me a big chance for my better future and to succeed in my goal." - Rentsen Bazarragchaa, Mongolia.