I-20 Form

All current international students on F-1 visas must have an I-20 form. This form was issued to you when you were admitted to the college.
The I-20 form indicates the start and end dates of your program, your level of study, your major, the financial cost of your program, and the source of your financial support (please see information below on individual sections of the I-20 form). The third page of the I-20 form is also used for special endorsements, such as travel signatures and authorization for off-campus employment.

Student Responsibility for I-20 Information

As an F-1 visa student, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information on your I-20 form is accurate and up-to-date. It is highly recommended that you keep all original I-20 forms issued by Seattle Central and by other schools. We also recommend that you make back-up copies for their records.
The Department of Homeland Security may ask you to show copies of your previous I-20 forms when you apply for work permission, or if you apply for some other immigration-related benefit (for example, OPT, change of visa status, or reinstatement).
Note that copies of the documents in student files are for Seattle Central use only; The International Education Programs (IEP) Office will not make copies of documents in student files for student use, including the I-20 form. If you lose your I-20 form while you are still enrolled at Seattle Central, your advisor can print a replacement copy through SEVIS.

Sections of the I-20 Form

Personal Information
Review all personal information, including name (first, last, middle), date of birth, country of birth and country of citizenship to make sure it is accurate. The information on your I-20 form should match the information in your passport. If you feel any information must be changed, please contact your advisor for assistance.
Program Start / End Dates
The dates should indicate the start and end of your current program of study. Advisors do not track the end date for each student’s I-20 form, so it is very important that you know when your program will end. If you do not finish your program of study before the end date, you may be in violation of your student status. If you are close to the end date of your program and believe you will not have enough time to graduate or finish your program, request an extension as soon as possible.
Program of Study and Major or Level of Program
The program of study should reflect your current major. Because SEVIS limits what can be put in this field, the major listed may not match your intended major exactly. Also, if you are in a college transfer program, the major listed might reflect the classes you are taking, and not the major you will eventually complete in your 4-year degree. If you plan to change your program of study, or your major, request a change of major as soon as possible.  
Level of Program
Your I-20 form will have one of three program levels: 
- Language Study (for students in ESL only)
- Associate (for College Transfer, Short-Term Certificate, Fast Track, or Professional and Technical programs)
- Bachelor's (for the Bachelor of Applied Science programs) 
Normally, you will not change program levels unless your program of study will be different from the one which you applied for. Your level of program will be determined by your advisor when you request a change of program. 
Financial Information
The financial information listed on the I-20 form reflects the estimate for tuition, fees, living expenses and miscellaneous expenses at the time you were admitted to Seattle Central. It also shows the amount of funds guaranteed by you or your sponsor, and the source of your funds (e.g., Family, US Sponsor, etc.). If your source of funding has changed, you must notify your primary advisor as soon as possible so your I-20 form can be updated.
The I-20 form should be signed on the front page by the person who issued the form. It should also be signed and dated by you, and by your parent / guardian if you are under the age of 18. 
If you plan to travel outside the United States and return as an F-1 student, make sure that you have a travel signature on page 2 of the I-20 form (please see the section on Travel for more information).