How We Help You Transfer

Seattle Central College has long been recognized for its ability to assist students in transfering to well-known universities all over the United States. Here are a few of the ways we help students.

Quarterly academic advising

The International Education Programs (IEP) Office provides academic and immigration advising to all international students, by appointment or during walk-in hours.

Long Range Plan

Seattle Central requires all Associate's degree students to complete a long-range academic plan. The plan is a quarter-by-quarter outline of all the courses a student will take to complete their degree.

By the time they earn 45 college-level credits, students enrolled in transfer degree programs must attend a group meeting and then meet individually with an IEP advisor to create their long-range plan.

By developing this plan, students will be certain that they are meeting degree requirements and taking the courses necessary for their major. The plan will also be used to update students’ immigration records and in planning for Optional Practical Training (see Immigration section).

Pathways, Major Planning Guides, and 2+2 Agreements

To assist college transfer students in meeting the requirements of their major, Seattle Central has developed Academic Pathways and Major Planning Guides. These helpful documents organize related majors into categories, provide general descriptions of what subject areas these majors entail, and lists courses that are generally required by four-year colleges and universities where these majors are offered. Students are encouraged to consult the academic pathways and major planning guides related to their area of study.

Seattle Central has also developed special agreements and articulation with a number of universities in the United States to assist students in transferring after completing their Associate degree. These institutions not only welcome transfer applicants from Seattle Central, but also offer scholarships and admission to some of the more popular majors such as Business, Engineering and Computer Science. Over the years, international students at Seattle Central have transferred successfully to hundreds of universities and colleges across the United States and around the world.

Transfer Admission Guarantees

Through special arrangement, Seattle Central is able to offer Transfer Admission Guarantee letters from some of its university partners. At the time of acceptance, students can receive an acceptance letter from Seattle Central, and a Transfer Admission Guarantee letter from one of its four-year partners. For a current list of schools participating in this program, please refer to our webpage.

College Transfer Fairs

Several times a year, Seattle Central holds a college transfer fair on campus to help college transfer students learn more about university and college programs in the United States. Seattle Central invites all of its partner schools from Washington State and across the country to visit our campus and meet individually with students about transferring to their institutions.

Transfer Center

The College Transfer Center provides information for college transfer students on colleges and universities in the United States, including admission requirements, application deadlines, scholarships and other details. Each quarter, workshops are scheduled to help students plan their transfer. If students need someone to look over their application or admissions essay, the staff in the Transfer Center will be there to help!