Full-Time Requirements


DHS requires that students must enroll full time. Minimum full-time requirements for Seattle Central’s programs are below: 

Full-Time ESL, Institute of English 
20 hours/week (4hr per day, 5 days per week)
College Bridge   
2 ESL classes + 4 college credits
3 ESL classes + 2 college credits
College programs
12 credits

Summer Enrollment

Students not taking an annual vacation in Summer, but planning to enroll full-time must follow the guidelines in the chart above. Students planning to enroll for the Intensive Summer Sessions can enroll for either one or both terms, but must still have at least 12 credits to be considered in status.

Failing to Enroll Full-Time

Enrollment for less than 12 credit hours at any time will put a student in violation of status. This includes the following:

- A Withdrawal (W) from a particular course, with remaining credits less than 12; 

- An "N" grade (audit) for a course, with remaining credits less than 12; 

- Students may only take one distance learning class each quarter as part of the full-time requirement. Distance Learning includes online, correspondence and video courses.

Please see our Maintaining Status page to learn about the consequences of falling out of status, and ways of regaining status.

Reduce Course Load

In certain situations, students may be approved to enroll for less than full-time. If you want to take less than full-time for any of the situations below, you must complete the Reduced Enrollment Request Form and submit it to the IEP office before the quarter begins. Following are possible reasons for enrolling below full-time:

- Student is on an authorized vacation quarter (see Vacation Quarter Requests)

- Student is on approved medical leave (see Medical Leave form)

- Student in final quarter and needs less than 12 credits to graduate (Reduced Course Load Request Form)

- Student is having academic difficulties due to improper course level placement, initial problems with English, or unfamiliarity with U.S. teaching methods (only possible in the first quarter of attendance; see Reduced Course Load Request Form)