Finding a Doctor

The college insurance, and many other insurance companies, will pay more of the bill if you go see a "network" or "preferred" doctor. If you go to a network doctor they recommend, you will save money. Students may follow the directions below to find a doctor in the network:
1. Go to
2. Click on the link to Search for a Doctor. This will take you to the CIGNA Provider website where you can find a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy in the preferred network. You may also click “Help” for instructions to guide you through the process. You will have options to select a doctor by name or specialty (e.g. cardiology, general practice, etc.).

With your insurance from school, you will receive an insurance card from the Lewer Agency. You can get your insurance card by logging into the LewerMark website with your Student ID number and your PIN (first set as your birthday as month day year. For example, someone born March 13, 2017 would type 03132017). Your insurance card will have your name in English and your insurance ID number on it. Always carry your insurance card in your wallet so you can provide the card if you are at a doctor's office, hospital, or pharmacy.