Dates and Deadlines


Academic Calendars

Note: College Bridge students take both ESL and college classes. They should refer to the college programs calendar for start and end dates of college classes, and the Intensive English calendar for start and end dates of ESL classes.

College Programs

Intensive English

College Bridge/College orientation is held two Thursdays before classes begin. When making travel plans, students should make sure to arrive in Seattle a few days prior to orientation.


WINTER: January 04 - March 24
SPRING: April 05 - June 18
SUMMER: June 28 - August 20
FALL: September 27 - December 16


WINTER: January 03 - March 25
SPRING: April 04 - June 17
SUMMER: June 27 - August 19
FALL: September 26 - December 15

ESL orientation is held the week before classes begin, over three days. When making travel plans, students should make sure to arrive in Seattle a few days prior to orientation.


WINTER: January 04 - March 12
SPRING: April 05 - June 11
SUMMER: June 28 - August 19
FALL: September 27 - December 03


WINTER: January 03 - March 11
SPRING: April 04 - June 10
SUMMER: June 27 - August 18
FALL: September 26 - December 02

The 2023 calendar is not set yet. Although dates change each year, quarters follow this general pattern:

WINTER: January to Mid-March
SPRING: April to Mid-June
SUMMER: Mid-June to Mid-August
FALL: Late September to early-December

Application Deadlines

The deadlines below are for all ESL and College programs at Seattle Central College, and for all new, deferring and returning applicants.

Receipt of the admission decision and I-20 form needed to apply for a visa can take up to four weeks from the date an application is complete. Plan accordingly when applying close to the deadline. All students must arrive in Seattle in time for our mandatory orientation.

General Applicants

Transfer Applicants*


SPRING: February 25, 2021
SUMMER: May 25, 2021
FALL: August 25, 2021


WINTER: November 25, 2021
SPRING: February 25, 2022
SUMMER: May 25, 2022
FALL: August 25, 2022


SPRING: March 29, 2021
SUMMER: June 21, 2021
FALL: September 20, 2021


WINTER: December 27, 2021
SPRING: March 28, 2022
SUMMER: June 20, 2022
FALL: September 19, 2022

* Students are considered transfer applicants if they are already in the U.S. studying on F/M-1 visas, or if they studied in the U.S. with an F/M-1 visa within the past 5 months.

Applications received after the posted deadlines  will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and may be deferred to a later quarter. All applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

For more information on our admission policy terms and conditions, please click here.

Holiday Schedule


Jan 01: New Year's Day
Jan 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb 15: President's Day
May 31: Memorial Day
July 05: Independence Day
Sept 09: Labor Day
Nov 11: Veterans Day *
Nov 25: Thanksgiving Day
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 24: Christmas Eve Holiday
Dec 27: Christmas Day Holiday

*Classes not held, but campus offices remain open.