Daria Agafonova

Name:  Daria Agafonova
Home Country:  Uzbekistan
Major:  Nursing

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an unpredictable person.  One day I am in Uzbekistan, and the next – in the United States.  I love changes whether they are good or not.  Changing something in your life means experiencing more aspects of life.  I love my life because I know there are so many opportunities for me and I only need to take a closer look and find them.  I love my family, my friends and my cat Misha.  I can always find support and faith in them.  To those who don’t know my country, I would say come visit my country.  It is very beautiful.  It has very ancient and long history.  You will see many old buildings, more than 3 thousand years old that our government kept safe.

2.  Why did you decide to attend Seattle Central?
The two main reasons why I chose Seattle Central are its solid reputation and acceptable tuition costs.  This was all I knew about this college before I got here.

3.  What has been your experience in being a part of Seattle Central or being involved in the community?
I was amazed!  There are so many people from different countries here.  Every day I learn something new and interesting.  I found people who became my good friends.  I loved the atmosphere in the College from the very first day – it was (and still is) friendly and easy-mannered.  The fact that student life in the college is very active and lots of people attending it are involved is notable. Every week there are events on campus or outside of it. The news board lets us know about them. I appreciate the work of all College offices; people working there make students’ life easier by helping in the studying process. And the Student Leadership Office offers dozens of clubs and every person can find an activity for his or hers liking.

4.  What are the biggest differences between the life style in your country compared to life in Seattle?  How did you adjust?
Uzbekistan is an old country with a rich history but with small experience of independence. We are growing up and developing now. Thus in terms of economics Uzbekistan and Seattle are different. Secondly, Uzbekistan is an oriental country and thereby we cannot compare our mentality with Western one. Finally, if we compare climate in Uzbekistan and in Seattle, you will see how different they are. In my country there is a very hot summer, warm spring and fall, not too cold winter, and the air is dry. We eat different foods, wear other types of clothes; we have different traditions, and a different educational system. I was surprised to see the lifestyle of people here. I never knew that Seattle is capital of coffee and I never met so many coffee drinkers.

Daria Agafonova

5.  What are your future plans after Seattle Central?
I am planning to transfer to a four year university and get a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Since I was a child I have dreamt about a medical career. Now I am doing everything to turn this dream into reality. My mom is an example for me and she has worked in the medical field for more than 25 years as a surgeon. I had a great experience working with people who have dementia. After you are done with helping them you feel so satisfied and happy. Society considers them potentially dead but they still communicate and you can see it in their eyes so it gave me an inspiration to continue with nursing.

6.  What things have you done to reach your personal and academic goals?
The main thing is hard work. No matter what it is – school, your personality or your job, if I do not work hard, I do not get good results. Another important thing is to know clearly what exactly you want. Get rid of things that seem to be important but are not. Find your real goal and focus on it. I realized that this is a hard process, so the optimal way for me is the constant research, and help from my family and advisors.

7.  How has studying abroad changed you?
I think I have become a more open person, more tolerant, and more inquisitive in terms of knowledge. I have grown accustomed to a new life, new culture, and new school and I believe that all of these things have brought positive changes for me. The main thing is that the teachers at SCCC made me believe I am able to do everything I want; they made me believe in me. I really appreciate that.

Daria Agafonova

8.   What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?
I like this city because there is a lot of water here.  When the weather is warm, I love spending my free time either with my friends playing volleyball on the beach or simply reading a book laying on the grass and enjoying the sun in Gasworks Park.  I also like just walking in Seattle and taking pictures of its streets and people.  I like rainy weather in Seattle.  If it rains and I am done with classes for this day, I buy hot chocolate at Starbucks, take an umbrella with me, and enjoy the day.  There are a lot of things to do in Seattle, you should just find things that you like and spend time having fun. .