Phone Service

If you live off-campus, you must arrange your own local and long distance service. New customers pay a one-time installation charge, as well as a deposit that is usually refunded when you terminate the service. There are several long distance companies such as AT&T, MCI, and SPRINT. Check with all of them to decide which service will be best for your long-distance needs.

Telephone Cards

Paid calling cards provide an easy way to call from any phone, to anywhere. They are available in many different amounts ($5, $10, etc) and the cost of each call is deducted from the amount, until you have used it all up. These calling cards are available in most grocery stores and drug stores. It is good to ask other international students where to purchase the best deals!

Cell Phones

Many cell phone carriers are available in Seattle and each of them offers a variety of plans. The monthly cost of maintaining a cell phone is around $50.00. International students who do not have a social security number can purchase a pre-paid cell phone without a social security number. Most carriers require international students to put down deposits of $200.00 or more when signing up for a plan. The deposit is generally fully refundable after a certain period of time, usually about 1 year. Your account needs to be in good standing to receive the deposit back.

Following is a list of major cell phone carriers:




Verizon Wireless