Eligibility to receive commission payments

Agencies that are official representatives of Seattle Central College are automatically eligible to receive quarterly commissions in the amount of 15% of net tuition per student, for up to three academic quarters of registration, provided all of the following conditions are met:

1/ The student is an international student who will hold an F or M visa. Seattle Central cannot pay commissions for the enrollment of U.S. citizens or residents (green card holders).

2/ The agency assists the student in completing a Seattle Central admission application.

3/ The agency provides reasonable pre-departure support services to the student. This normally includes assistance with visa application, housing arrangements, flight tickets, and airport pick-up, but can vary according to the specific terms of the agent-client contract.

4/ The student duly registers and pays non-resident tuition and other required fees at Seattle Central. Net tuition means the non-resident tuition actually paid and received by Seattle Central, less any refunds or returns.

Be sure to read the Global Marketing Agreement (GMA) in its entirety, as the statements above are a synopsis of the terms found in one section of the GMA.

Commission payment procedure

Seattle Central collects tuition from each student based on the number of credits the student registers for at the beginning of each academic quarter. Students may increase or decrease the number of credits during the first two weeks of each quarter. The final number of credits is considered final beginning the third week of the quarter.

Commission payments are processed automatically, without submission of an invoice from the agency. The cover letter agencies submit with the student application establishes the connection between agent and student needed to process the commission.

The IEP Finance department begins to prepare commission payment information during the third week of the quarter. During the fifth week, partners are contacted regarding their banking information to ensure accuracy of the information on file. Commission payments are processed during the ninth week, and email notification of the details of payment are usually sent by the eleventh week. Agencies can also expect to receive their commission payment by the eleventh week.

Payments are made either by check or by wire transfer, based on the preference and banking information provided by the agency in the GMAA. Commission is paid every quarter, after the student registers, pays tuition and fees, and the time for refunds has passed. An agency will receive three separate commission payments for a student who stays on our campus for three quarters. All commission payments are made in U.S. dollars.

Annual bonus

Seattle Central's agent partners are eligible to receive an annual bonus in addition to regular quarterly commissions. For more information, contact the Director of Marketing.