College Services and Resources

Seattle Central College offers many support services and resources. Following are some of the most frequently used by international students.

Academic Advising

International programs (IP) Office (advising for international students): Plan your career goals, choose your major, create a long range academic plan, learn about college systems and processes, and create an individualized college transfer plan, all with the help of our advising staff, who have many years of experience working with international students.

College Advising Center (advising for all college students): International students may also use the college Advising Center, which helps all college students select classes based on their academic background, test scores, and educational goals. Students are guided to select appropriate courses to meet their individual academic goals as well as the requirements for two-year degrees and/or transferring to a four-year institution.

Art Gallery

The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery emphasizes the display of student works and complements these with shows by professional local and regional artists as well as touring exhibits. The gallery typically presents ten exhibits a year.


The bookstore is where you’ll buy all of your textbooks. You can also get pens, paper, sweatshirts, snacks, gifts and much more.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center provides databases, books, periodicals, and other resources on careers. Career assessments and individual consultations are available at no fee to assist with career and college planning. Scholarship information is also available; the staff helps students use the resources and assists with scholarship applications. Finally, free printed material on the job search process is provided in the Career Services Center, and the staff provides information, individual assistance and resources to help with part-time, full-time, seasonal and temporary employment searches. 

Transfer Center

Transferring to a four-year college or university generally requires careful planning. The Transfer Center is available to assist students through the transfer exploration and application process. The Transfer Center helps students search for colleges that meet their needs, offers transfer planning workshops, fairs and events, and a library of catalogs, transfer guides and applications. Students can get help with their college applications and have their admission essays proofread. The Transfer Center also coordinates four-year college and university visits, several major transfer fairs, and transfer workshops.


SCC Computer Center: The SCC Computer Center is available to all Seattle Central students, offering Windows-based and Macintosh computers, black/white and color printers. 

SCIE Computer Lab: SCIE students will often have classes and tutoring in a special SCIE Computer lab. SCIE students can also use the college’s student computer labs throughout the day to do their homework, check email and do research on the Internet.

Wireless: Most Seattle Central buildings provide wireless Internet access. All enrolled students and faculty have WiFi and e-mail accounts.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a "work for credit" program offered to students enrolled in college transfer or professional/technical programs. Academic credit is earned for the learning that occurs on the job. As an alternative, students may also earn credit for their volunteer service in non-profit, community-based organizations. Students can acquire career-related experience, explore or clarify career choices, improve existing skills or learn new skills applicable to future employment, while earning 2-8 college credits per quarter.


Personal Counseling
In addition to the counseling services offered by the college to all students, Seattle Central employs a faculty-level counselor to work especially with international students. Difficulties with English, loneliness, financial problems, relationship problems, and adjustment to a new culture are all issues that can affect students who move to another country. Personal counseling helps students address these issues and focus on their educational success.

Career Counseling
Seattle Central's international student counselor also offers career guidance to international students. He offers individual sessions to help international students identify their interests, skills, and personality type, and choose educational pathways to meet their career goals.

E-newsletter to international students 

The International Programs (IP) Office sends an e-mail newsletter of announcements to international students at the college each week while classes are being held. This e-newsletter contains information such as deadlines for registration, updates on workshops and activities, jobs on campus, opportunities to get involved in the campus community, and much more.

Food and drinks

When you’re ready to relax and enjoy lunch or some espresso with your friends, you’ll find an amazing variety of places to choose from right on campus!

The Buzz: Baked goods and pastries at "The Buzz" are made by students of the Specialty Desserts and Breads program. Selections include a variety of breakfast pastries, European pastries, cakes, cookies, mousses, tarts, créme brulee, chocolates, and a large selection of rustic artisan breads. Espresso, other coffee-related drinks and smoothies are also available.

Chef's Express:  International cuisines from China, Thailand, France, Germany and many other countries are available. Many items are prepared while you watch and all are available for take-out.

One World Dining:  One World Dining is another full-service restaurant offering an opportunity to explore cutting edge menus from a range of international cuisines in a fine dining atmosphere.

Organic On the Go!:  This fine and mostly organic food comes from local artisans. The food is prepared “to go” and menus change daily. 

Square One Bistro:  Square One Bistro is a full-service restaurant featuring state of the art bistro-style cooking from five different regional cuisines. Every two weeks, the menu changes to reflect a different culinary tradition.

Student Place/Atrium (cafeteria): The Atrium features a variety of cafeteria-style food, including burgers, pizza, deli, and a salad bar.


The library is generally open from early in the morning until mid-evening. In addition to book checkout and renewal, library services and resources include computers, media equipment, printers and photocopiers, study rooms and classrooms, and an extensive inter-library loan program.

Mitchell Activity Center (Gymnasium and Sports facility)

The Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) is an 85,000 square foot facility promoting healthy lifestyles, wellness and recreational programs. Facilities include a weight room (cardio-vascular equipment, selector machines and free weights), racquetball/squash courts, game room (pool tables, table tennis, board games), a 132 yard circular running track saunas, and men’s and women’s showers and locker rooms. The MAC offers a variety of credit and non-credit classes including yoga, weight training, body conditioning and physical fitness. Activities such as Ping Pong, Badminton, Basketball and Pool are made available in a tournament or league format depending on the number of students or teams interested.


ESL Tutoring: SCIE and the College Tutoring Center offer free tutoring to all international students. Students in SCIE levels 1 -3 who would like extra help with their classes can meet an SCIE instructor for up to two free tutoring sessions per week. Some tutoring hours are also offered during open lab time in SCIE's computer lab. College Bridge Program students needing extra help can get up to two tutoring sessions per week with professional ESL tutors at the college's Tutoring Center.

College Tutoring: Free one-to-one assistance is available in many college-level courses, including English, math, computers, business, and the sciences. Appointments are made by sign-up sheet in the College Tutoring Center.

Workshops (IP)

IP-sponsored workshops assist students with personal and career development. Workshops provide information about immigration rules, education and career choices, cultural adjustment, effective study and time management skills, and other issues. The format is a combination of speakers, handouts, assessments and discussion, with time for questions and answers.