Changes from F or M Visa

During your period of stay in the United States, you may have reason to change your visa status from F or M visa status to another status (for example, B, H, J, Permanent Resident, etc.). The new status might change your ability to study in the United States. If you have plans to change your visa status, please contact an advisor in the IP Office for more information.

Generally, Seattle Central recommends that you maintain your student status until your new visa status is approved. If you have engaged a lawyer to assist you with the change, please consult with your lawyer for advice.

Permanent Residence and Enrollment at Seattle Central

If you have been approved for permanent residence in the United States and have received your Permanent Resident card (Green Card), please report this change to the International Programs (IP) Office. The IP Office will need to see your PR card and make a copy for its files. Your primary advisor will change your status in the school system from F or M visa holder to US permanent resident.