Online Admission Application

Welcome to Seattle Central's Online Admission Application For International Students

Applications can be submitted up to 5 quarters / 15 months in advance. At this time, overseas applicants can apply for:
Summer 2019 (June), Fall 2019 (September), Winter 2020 (January), Spring 2020 (April), Summer 2020 (June)

 First, let's go over a few questions to make sure you should complete this online application:

- Are you trying to make changes to an online application you already submitted within the past 12 months?

- Do you have a U.S. passport/green card or wish to study at Seattle Central with A, E, G, H, I, K, L, U, or immigrant visas?

- Were you enrolled or on OPT at Seattle Central in the last 3 years and are trying to return to our school?

Yes, one of these conditions applies to me              No, none of these conditions applies to me

  Questions? Contact for assistance.

  Technical problems? Contact for help.

  We recommend completing your application online. However, if you prefer our PDF form, it is available here.