Online Admission Application

Welcome to Seattle Central's Online Admission Application For International Students

Admission applications can be submitted up to 5 quarters / 15 months in advance. At this time, overseas applicants can apply for:
Spring 2019 (April), Summer 2019 (June), Fall 2019 (September), Winter 2020 (January), Spring 2020 (April)

 First, let's go over a few questions to make sure you should complete this online application:

- Are you trying to make changes to an online application you already submitted within the past 12 months?

- Do you have a U.S. passport/green card or wish to study at Seattle Central with A, E, G, H, I, K, L, U, or immigrant visas?

- Were you enrolled or on OPT at Seattle Central in the last 3 years and are trying to return to our school?

Yes, one of these conditions applies to me              No, none of these conditions applies to me

  Questions? Contact for assistance.