Seattle Central’s location is ideal for students interested in living in an apartment. The campus is within a 15 minute walk of over 25 apartment buildings in all price ranges, ages, and sizes.

Please review the tabs below for useful information regarding renting an apartment off-campus:

General Information about Apartments / Before You Begin Your Search

When considering renting an apartment off-campus, be aware of the following:

- You may need temporary housing for the days prior to moving into your apartment

- Apartments come furnished and unfurnished. Students who choose unfurnished apartments will need to buy furniture and other household necessities. CORT Furniture can provide furniture packages (see information on CORT under “Agencies with Apartment Services”).

- In addition to the resources noted on this page, there are advertisements for shared housing and apartments on bulletin boards in the main building at Seattle Central.

- Some students choose to start with a homestay or an on-campus apartment, and then change to an off-campus apartment later, after they have had a chance to get acquainted with the city and to make friends.

- In the State of Washington, students under the age of 18 are generally not allowed to sign a lease and rent an apartment on their own. It is strongly recommended that students under the age of 18 live with a host family.

Also, before you begin your search, ask yourself the following questions:

• What is my Budget? Be sure to include expenses like Utilities and Parking
• Do I need furnished housing?
• How close should I be to Public transportation, grocery stores and restaurants?
• How long will I need to rent?
• What kind of housing do I need?

What Will You Need?

The rental process moves very quickly here in Seattle. It really helps to be prepared. Here is a list of common information you will need for housing applications:

• Contact information
• Addresses of Previous tenancies
• Contact information for previous landlords
• Proof of funding or Income
• Proof of Employment or Proof of Student Status
• Vehicle Information
• Emergency contact information

Credit Scores and Background Checks

Some renters may require a credit or background check. A U.S. Social Security number is necessary for a credit or background check. Students who do not have a social security number are advised to prepare additional documentation of financial resources (scholarships, bank account funds, etc.) as part of a supplemental packet.

Private Apartment Buildings

The apartment buildings on this list are able to rent an apartment to you before you arrive in Seattle, without requiring a social security number. All are within walking distance of Seattle Central or near a public bus line.

If you manage an apartment building and would like to list your apartment on our site, please submit our Apartment Listing Request Form.

Capitol Hill and Downtown

Summit at Madison Park
Summit Leasing Office
2209 East Madison St., Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 720-5553 

aPodment® Suites at Centro
1304 E. John St., Seattle WA 98102
Tel: (206) 801-3570 

Hawthorne Apartments
Attn: Leasing Office
1618 Bellevue Ave., Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 726-9098

Terravita Luxury Residences
Attn: Leasing Office
1615 Belmont Ave., Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 302-7950

Beryl Apartments
1200 East Pike St., Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 320-1200

Glengarry Apartments
309 Belmont Ave. East, Seattle WA 98102
Mailing address: 1870 S. Bush Place, Seattle WA 98144
Tel: (206) 518-1174 

Vantage Park Apartments
1011 E. Terrace St., Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 381-5878

Kulle Urban Living
1815 Bellevue Avenue, Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 403-1467 

550 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122
Tel: (206) 535-2963

Belltown Inn
Fully furnished studio apartments in the heart of downtown. Included are all utilities, cable TV, phone service, work desk, linens and dishes, and weekly housekeeping service, all on a month to month basis. The building features a beautiful rooftop patio, a fountain courtyard, and a 24hr business center. Comfortable, convenient, affordable, in a world class location! Guest may be of any age, as long as an adult has already paid by credit card. Credit card authorization (e-mail) required.

2301 Third Avenue, Seattle WA 98121
Tel: (206) 529-3700 // (866) 525-4704
Fax: (206) 529-3701

American Hotel (Hostelling International USA)
520 S. King Street Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: (206) 622-5443 
Fax: (206) 299-4141 

The Publix Seattle
504 5th Avenue S., Seattle WA 98104
Tel: (206) 467-1591

North of Seattle Central

Seattle Central College is on a direct bus line to the University of Washington. International students from Seattle Central are welcome to stay at one of the 7 buildings (apartments and rooming houses) managed by

800 NE 42nd St., Seattle WA 98105
Tel: (206) 547-2974 

Identity Seattle Apartments
4106 and 4123 12th Ave., Seattle WA 98105
Tel: (206) 467-4074 

Liv U-District Apartments
4717 Brooklyn Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98105
Tel: (206) 467-4074 

Off Campus Residences
Multiple locations; see website for property descriptions and addresses
Tel: (206) 403-1467 

South of Seattle Central

999 Hiawatha Apartments
Leasing office: 1870 S. Bush Place, Seattle WA 98144
Tel: (206) 709-0999 

The Station at Othello Park
4219 S. Othello Street, Seattle WA 98118
Tel: 206-782-8466 

Online Apartment Resources

RentHoop is a roommate finder app for Apple and Android. Users must have a Facebook account to access the app.

Seattle Apartment Finders: Search hundreds of apartments in Seattle's most popular neighborhoods. this may work best for students already in the United States, as most contacts provided are telephone numbers. millions of apartments to consider. a good source for current, local vacancies. one stop rental resource for apartment rentals in Seattle.

Seattle Times Classified Ads: Online newspaper in Seattle with apartment locator service.

Zillow: Rentals listing for Seattle, WA. a good source for local vacancies in Seattle.

Padmapper: Search tool for apartments in Seattle.

Note: The resources listed above are private websites not affiliated with Seattle Central College. Seattle Central cannot vouch for the quality of the services offered by these sites, nor can it take responsibility for the actions of individuals that students may interact with while using these sites. We advise students to use caution when sharing information online.

Agencies with Apartment Services

Intercultural Homestays, Inc.
PO Box 27184, Seattle, WA 98125-1584
Tel: (206) 367-5332
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-340-9088
Fax: (206) 483-8690

USA International Development, Inc.
9614 NE 201st, Bothell, WA 98011
Tel: (425) 483-5974 
Fax: (425) 485-1891

The cost for securing an apartment through one of these agencies is approximately $250, which usually includes airport pickup. The agencies usually require an additional deposit to be paid in advance. The deposit is to cover expenses traditionally associated with renting an apartment in the U.S., such as first and last month's rent (these are usually paid in advance) and a damage deposit. Contact the agencies directly for information on cost of service and deposit requirement.

CORT Furniture
Furniture rental packages and housing information for students living off-campus.
Tel: (888) 360-2678 or +1 (512) 900-6904
Furniture packages available for purchase:

In My Area
A resource tool to help you find and compare home service providers for Internet, Cable TV and other services available in your specific area.

Viewing / Visiting Properties

Safety Tips:

- It is a good idea to bring a friend when looking at a place for the first time!
- Trust your instincts. Do you feel safe?
- Take a cell phone with you

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for a place to live:

- Safety: Do you feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night?
- Are you close to public transportation? Will you need a place to park your car?
- Are you close to restaurants and grocery stores?
- Does the apartment allow you to have a pet in the building?
- What utilities are included in the rent?
- What amenities are available (bike or storage lockers, communal spaces, gym, etc...)?

Remember to start looking early: Give yourself 4 weeks or more to find housing.

Glossary of Common Rental Terms

Tenant - one who rents property owned by another.
Landlord - the owner of property.
Lease - a legal contract between a tenant and a landlord. There are different types of leases:

  • Short Term Lease - Short term leases are generally 3-6 months long. Short term rooms, homestays or apartments may come furnished with a bed or other accommodations.
  • Academic Year Lease - Some leases are designed for students and follow the academic calendar. Academic year leases generally run from September to July.
  • Yearly Lease - Yearly leases run 12 full months from the date of signing. This is the most common lease.
  • Sublease - when a tenant rents out all or part of the apartment while still maintaining a lease with the landlord as the primary tenant. Many leases do not allow subleases.

Security deposit - money paid to the landlord as security in case of damage to the property or failure to comply with the lease agreement. All or part of this money is usually refundable.
Background check - a check of your credit and rental history done by the landlord to ensure that you will be a good tenant. This is done before you sign a lease.
Furnished / Unfurnished - indicates whether the apartment comes with or without furniture. A furnished apartment will have basic furniture such as tables, chairs, sofa or beds. An unfurnished apartment will provide no furniture: the tenant must rent or purchase furniture for the apartment.
Utilities - typically, public services provided for homes and apartments, such as electricity, gas, water and waste diposal (sewer), garbage and recycling services. They may also include services like cable television or internet service.