Airport Pick-up and Arrival Services

The Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC) is located 20 minutes south of our campus. Students should review the video and resources below, and plan airport pick-up in advance.

Host Family Students

If you arranged a host family or apartment through one of the homestay agencies, airport pick-up is generally included as part of the service and you will be met at the airport by the agency or host parents. Be sure to keep in close contact with your homestay agency regarding flight arrival information.

Other Students

Students must arrange their own airport transportation. Use the tabs below to review available transportation options:

Agencies Providing Airport Pick-Up and Arrival Services

The following agencies provide airport pick-up services for students making their own housing arrangements. For more information (cost, restrictions, etc.), please contact the agencies directly.

Intercultural Homestays, Inc.
PO Box 27184
Seattle, WA 98165-1584
Phone: (206) 367-5332
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-340-9088
Web site:

P.O. Box 20731
Seattle, WA 98102
Phone: (206) 351-0121
Web site:


After leaving baggage claim, cross a sky bridge and go to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. Estimate cost: $40 to $60 depending on the destination (tip is additional and suggested). Note: Always make sure the taxi driver starts the cab meter!


Shuttle Express | (425) 981-7000 |

After baggage claim, cross a sky bridge and go to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. The Shuttle Express booth is in the center of the 3rd floor, between the orange and purple elevator banks (next to the airport’s ground transportation office). Cost: approximately $36.

Link Light Rail / Subway

Seattle has subway service (Link Light Rail) between the SEA-TAC airport and downtown Seattle. Passengers can reach downtown Seattle from the airport in approximately 40 minutes.

If you have a lot of luggage, are arriving late at night, or are unfamiliar with how to make transportation connections from the link light rail station to your final destination, you may want to choose one of the other transportation options listed in this section. Current schedules and fees can be found here.

Rental Cars

All rental car companies operate at a separate facility and offer dedicated shuttle buses to and from the main airport terminal, 24 hours a day. Passenger pick-up areas are located outside baggage claim at the north and south ends of the main terminal.

Note: Some companies may require an international driver’s license, photo identified foreign driver’s license, a major credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and the driver to be at least 25 years of age.

Local Bus

Bus stops are located at the south end of the baggage claim area, outside door number 2. Plan your trip in advance by using “Trip Planner” on the King County Metro website. Or you may ask the bus driver at the airport. Cost is approximately $2.50.

For more information about the options above, visit the Sea-Tac airport website.