Advisor Responsibility to DHS

In order for Seattle Central to enroll international students, advisors must report information on students to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Advisors maintain communication with all three branches of DHS, but most reporting is done through SEVIS. Advisors regularly update information in student records in SEVIS, including the following:

- Enrollment status
- Approval for reduced enrollment (less than full time)
- Approval for benefits such as vacation quarters or off-campus employment
- Student transfer to other institutions
- Violations of student status (usually involves termination of student records)

In addition, advisors are required to give information on individual students or groups of students to the Department of Homeland Security if it is requested.    

Once advisors have updated a student’s immigration record or responded to a specific query, they have met the requirements of DHS. Advisors will not generally contact Homeland Security directly if a student violates the rules of his / her F-1 status. Once the student’s record is updated, it is up to USICE to investigate and be in touch with the student. Advisors are not police officers, so they cannot arrest students for status violations.