Advanced English

The Advanced English Program (Levels 4 and 5) is for students who want to study English, but who do not plan to continue their studies at an American college or university. Students with advanced English skills take Reading, Writing and Lecture Comprehension classes with College Bridge students, and choose from a variety of speaking and listening electives. Students in Advanced English are strongly encouraged to also choose courses with American students, but are not required to. Students who place in at least Level 4 and plan to study at a 4-year college or university in the U.S. should enroll in College Bridge, rather than Advanced English.

Each class below meets for one hour per day, five days per week. Some classes are offered every quarter, while others are offered alternating quarters.

Advanced English Courses:

Advanced Conversation

Students learn specific techniques and strategies for natural conversation, and they practice a variety of conversational styles. The focus is on improving comprehension and fluency in real contexts.

Advanced Grammar

This course provides an overview of and the opportunity to practice advanced grammatical structures in reading and writing contexts. Review of basic structures and verb tenses is also included.

Cross-Cultural Communication

This course provides advanced training in conversational skills and cultural knowledge. Topics include conversational strategies, cultural differences in values and behaviors, and non-verbal communication. Activities include conversation and guided listening to a variety of authentic audio and video sources and live talk.

English for International Business

Students will learn terms and concepts of business in an international context. This course is designed for college-bound students who may be interested in business or related majors or for foreign professionals who need to improve their business English communication skills. The primary goals of this course are to introduce students to current international business issues, to discuss the cultural skills needed in international business interactions, and to enhance language skills such as business vocabulary.

Pronunciation & Conversation

Through a wide variety of speaking and listening activities, students develop their ability to pronounce American English correctly. Students learn correct pronunciation of specific sounds and natural intonation patterns in conversational English.

TOEFL Preparation

This course prepares students to take the new internet-based TOEFL exam (iBT) by increasing listening and reading comprehension, developing vocabulary and grammar skills, and familiarizing students with the new TOEFL format, instructions directions and test-taking strategies. Students will also take a practice iBT TOEFL exam as part of this course.

Vocabulary & Idioms

Students will expand their knowledge of vocabulary and idioms for comprehension (reading and listening) and for production (writing and speaking). The focus is on realistic, natural use and understanding in real-life contexts.