Admission Requirements

To review admission requirements, click on your applicant category below. All required documents must be received by the deadline. Students must be at least 16 years old on the first day of classes.

Applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents (green card holders), or who will enter the United States on an immigrant visa, or who plan to study while on A, E, G, H, I, K, L, or U visas must apply for admission via the resident admission office.

General Applicants

General applicants must submit the following items:

1.  International Student Application: online or fillable/savable PDF
2.  $50 application fee, and optional $50 express mail fee
3.  Proof of finances, showing sufficient funds are available
4.  Copy of passport (photo page only)
5.  Proof of English proficiency (only required for applicants wanting a direct placement)
6.  High school diploma or High school transcripts (only required for 16 and 17 year-old applicants)

A financial deposit is required for applicants from certain countries. Click here for details.

Transfer Applicants

Students are considered transfer applicants if they are already in the U.S. studying on F/M-1 visas, or if they have studied in the U.S. with an F/M-1 visa within the past 5 months.

Transfer applicants must submit the following items:

1.  International Student Application: online or fillable/savable PDF
2.  $50 application fee, and optional $50 express mail fee
3.  Proof of finances, showing sufficient funds are available
4.  Copy of passport (photo page only)
5.  Proof of English proficiency (only required for applicants wanting a direct placement)
6.  Copy of current / most recent I-20 form (only required for students still living in the U.S.)
7.  Copy of F/M-1 visa
8.  High school diploma or High school transcripts (only required for 16 and 17 year-old applicants)

Financial deposit is required for applicants from certain countries. Click here for details.

Additional Steps to Complete

During the application process, transfer students must ask the advisor at their current / most recent school to complete and submit a Transfer-In Status Verification Form.

Once admitted, transfer students must ask the advisor at their current / most recent school to transfer the student's active SEVIS record to Seattle Central before the first day of class.

Seattle Central must receive both the student's SEVIS record and Transfer-in Status Verification Form before a transfer I-20 form can be issued. Visit the "Issuing Acceptance Materials and I-20 Form" section at the bottom of this page for further details.

Returning Applicants

Students who attended Seattle Central for at least one quarter, and then either transferred to another institution or left Seattle Central for at least two quarters, can apply as returning students.

To re-enroll at Seattle Central, returning students must:

1. Submit a Returning Student Record Update Form
2. Provide proof of finances, showing sufficient funds are available
3. Pay the optional $50 express mail fee (only for students who want their acceptance materials sent by FedEx express mail)

Returning students must send the items listed above directly to the International Admissions Office. Agents and institutional partners are not allowed to make requests on behalf of returning students.

Also, depending on their particular situation, returning ESL or College Bridge students may be allowed or required to take the English placement test again prior to registration. Specific guidance will be provided by the IEP Admissions team once the student is admitted.

Non-Matriculated Applicants

International students who plan to enroll for 5 credits or less at Seattle Central may be able to enroll in non-matriculated status.

Non-matriculated students are not required to submit an admission application or take a placement test. Instead, applicants should state their intent to enroll as a non-matriculated student and contact

Eligibility Requirements for Non-Matriculated Students

To enroll as a non-matriculated student, applicants must:

1. Not intend to complete a degree or certificate program at Seattle Central
2. Have not previously submitted an application and been admitted to Seattle Central
3. Register for 5 credits or less in one quarter
4. Enroll in classes other than English, ESL, Math, Computer Science, or Natural Sciences
5. If you are an F-1 student: Not officially transfer to Seattle Central (remain on current school’s I-20 form)

Non-matriculated students can complete a registration form, including all class information, and go directly to the registration office with photo identification. Students who have attended a community or technical college in Washington State can use the same student identification number from that school. Students who have not attended a community or technical college in Washington will be assigned a number by registration. Online registration is not available to non-matriculated students.

Students who do not meet these requirements must apply as general, transfer, or returning applicants.

International students are responsible for ensuring they comply with their visa requirements and remain in status while studying at Seattle Central. We recommend they consult with the immigration advisor at their current school for assistance.

Note: International students are automatically charged for medical insurance when registering at Seattle Central College. To avoid paying this charge, visit the International Education Programs Office and request an insurance waiver after registering for classes.

E-Learning Applicants

Students who plan to enroll at Seattle Central and only take online, self-paced, or video courses, should contact the Distance Education and E-Learning Office directly for admission, rather than follow the procedures for General, Transfer, Returning, or Non-Matriculated applicants listed above.


Also, review the information below, if it pertains to you:

Partner Advising Agencies and Educational Institutions

Before partners can submit admission applications on behalf of students, they must first become official representatives of Seattle Central and have a Global Marketing Agreement Application (GMAA), Global Marketing Agreement (GMA), or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on file with the IEP Marketing Office.

Prospective agents and advisors can find more information about becoming a partner here.

Students with Dependents

To obtain an F-2 I-20 form for dependents (spouses and children), applicants must:

1. Complete the section on dependents in the admission application form
2. Provide a copy of the dependent's passport, plus original and translated copies of the marriage certificate (for spouse) or birth certificate (for children)
3. Provide proof that an additional US$2,500 is available per dependent (in addition to the sufficient funds required for the student)

F-2 visa holders may study part time in ESL or college-level programs (F-2 children may attend primary or secondary school). An F-2 visa holder must depart with the F-1 visa holder when he/she leaves the United States.

Students with Disabilities

Applicants with disabilities should notify the IEP Office of their disability, so adequate accommodations can be considered. Additional information for applicants with disabilities is available here.


Finally, note the following details:

Sending / Processing Applications or Application Materials

By email: (maximum 10MBs per email)

By mail: Seattle Central College, 1701 Broadway BE1113, Seattle WA 98122 USA 

By fax: 206-934-3868 

The International Admissions Office will send an email to applicants confirming receipt of the application. Applicants will receive additional information once the materials have been reviewed. Complete applications are normally processed within 3 to 5 business days.

The Admissions Office will send a courtesy email informing applicants of missing items and information. The processing time for incomplete applications will depend on when the missing information is submitted.

Applying for a Priority Admission Certificate to Strengthen Your F-1 Visa Application

The Priority Admission Certificate is a special letter that highlights an applicant's achievements and academic preparation. Priority Admission Certificates may be especially helpful for students applying for F-1 visas in countries where visa approval can be difficult.

A sample of the Certificate is available here.

Requirements for the Priority Admission Certificate

Applicants must submit the following with their admission application:

- High school transcripts with a 'B' average or higher
- Academic and career plan (College Transfer or Professional and Technical)
- Official results from IELTS or TOEFL

Applicants may also provide these optional materials:

- Official test results from the ACT or SAT
- Official proof of alternate English proficiency
- Proof of recent enrollment in English / college preparation program
- Letters of recommendation from current school (teacher or school counselor)
- A financial deposit of $7,000 for two quarters tuition (see Wire Transfer Guide for details)

The certificate will be included with the acceptance materials and I-20 form.

Applying to Career Training Programs (A.A.S. or B.A.S.)

Applicants to Career Training programs (A.A.S. or B.A.S.) must go through a two-step admission process. First, they apply for admission through International Education Programs (IEP), either as a "General", "Transfer", or "Returning" applicant.

Once admitted through IEP, applicants must apply for the specific Career Training program they intend to enroll in. With most programs, there is a formal admission process, including a list of pre-requisites that must be met before formal acceptance to the program can be granted. In some cases, students may be able to take program classes as soon as they are eligible for college-level study.

Students who cannot complete program pre-requisites by the time admissions decisions are made will need to wait until the next available intake to be admitted. In cases where programs have a long wait list and/or limited intakes, students may need to wait until the next year before starting the program.

Students who qualify for direct college placement will be referred to their future primary advisor after being admitted through IEP. The primary advisor will then advise the students on the specific program application and enrollment process.

Students who must first take ESL classes prior to beginning their Career Training program will not be referred to their future primary advisor. They will go through the normal ESL admission and registration process.

Issuing Acceptance Materials and I-20 Form

After an admission application is processed, acceptance materials and an I-20 form are sent to the student or agent / educational partner. Two delivery options are available:

- FedEx Standard Mail, which is free but can take up to 5 weeks to arrive
- FedEx Express Mail, which costs $50 and takes 3-5 days to arrive

Applicants who would like their materials sent by FedEx express mail may make this request by paying the $50 express mail fee online. For its agent partners, Seattle Central provides one complimentary international express mailing per application.

Transfer students receive only digital copies of acceptance materials until their current / most recent school releases the student's SEVIS record to Seattle Central. Upon release of the SEVIS record, the I-20 form and hard copies of the acceptance materials are sent. Students whose SEVIS record is in "Terminated" or "Completed" status must contact the IEP Office prior to requesting a release of the record.

Travel Outside the U.S. While Transferring Schools

Students who plan to travel outside the United States after leaving their previous school and prior to starting at Seattle Central must:

1. Check orientation and testing dates to ensure timely arrival at Seattle Central
2. Verify with their current school that their SEVIS record has been released before travel
3. Use the Seattle Central transfer I-20 form to enter the United States

Once a SEVIS record is released to Seattle Central, the old I-20 form is no longer valid.

Students whose records are not released prior to leaving the U.S. must ask Seattle Central to have their new I-20 forms mailed to their home country. It takes 3 business days for a transfer I-20 form to be sent once the SEVIS record has been released.

Deferring Enrollment

Admitted students who need to defer their first quarter of enrollment must complete an Application Deferral Request and return it to the International Admissions Office at

Transferring Credits

Applicants who studied at another college or university may be able to transfer credits to Seattle Central. After receiving the student’s application and $50 application fee, the International Education Programs Office can perform a preliminary transcript evaluation upon request and determine whether the credits may be used to meet requirements for a degree program. For further details, click here.