Acceptance Materials and I-20 Form

Once a student’s admission application is accepted, our staff will prepare and send acceptance materials. The acceptance packet contains important information and documents students will need in order to apply for and obtain a student visa, as well as prepare for arrival in Seattle. It is CRUCIAL that students take the time to review all documents and information in the packet.

In addition to the paper materials sent by mail, admitted students will also receive a link to online versions of the acceptance materials by email from the admissions office. For online applicants, acceptance materials can be accessed directly via the admission application portal.

Orientation and Registration Information

The orientation and registration information will tell students which orientation session to attend (ESL or College Bridge/College) and describe testing requirements based on each student’s level of English proficiency. Students should read through all of this information very carefully, and make travel plans based on testing and orientation deadlines. More details on orientation dates are provided on our website, while placement test information is available here

Students eligible for pre-registration will receive pre-registration forms when they are available. For online applicants, pre-registration forms can be downloaded and submitted directly via the admission application portal. More information on pre-registration can be found here.

Housing / Pre-Arrival Information

Housing information included with acceptance materials provides and overview of housing options available to international students, with links to the housing section of our website. Admitted students are encouraged to make housing arrangements as early as possible, at least 6 weeks or more before their planned arrival in Seattle. Additional pre-arrival information includes transportation and airport pick-up details, and general information on living in Seattle.

Financial Information

Financial information includes an official estimate of tuition and fees for the first quarter of attendance and some payment guidelines. Students who plan to wire a tuition and fee deposit to Seattle Central in advance can use this estimate as a guideline of how much to send. More information on the different payment methods available can be found here.

Students will find information on medical insurance as well. More details on Seattle Central’s medical insurance requirement for international students are provided on our website.

Immigration Information

SEVIS I-20 form

A very important document in the acceptance packet is the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) I-20 form. The SEVIS I-20 form is an important three-page document students will need to apply for a visa and enter the United States. Students will need to keep the I-20 throughout their stay in the U.S. as an F-1 student.

NOTE: Per a new SEVP policy effective June 2019, I-20 forms can only be sent or given to the student, his/her dependents, or, if a minor, his/her parents or legal guardian.

Upon receipt of the I-20 form from Seattle Central, students must sign and date the document at the bottom of page one. This indicates that the student has read page two of the I-20 and understands the terms and conditions of his/her immigration status. If the student is under the age of 18, the parent / guardian must also sign the I-20 form, just below the student’s signature.

For more details about the I-20 form and its different sections, visit our dedicated webpage.

Travel Checklist

The checklist provides a list of items to hand-carry with you when you travel, describes what will happen when you arrive at the airport, and makes suggestions on other items you should bring with you. This information is also listed on our After Admission / Before Arrival webpage.

Transfer-In Status Verification Form (only for students transferring from other U.S. schools)

Transfer students must make sure that the advisor at their current school submits a completed Transfer-in Status Verification form. More information on requirements for transfer students can be found on our Admissions Requirements webpage.