Academics & Grades

As parents of Seattle Central students, you likely have many questions. The tabs below should provide some answers to assist you in supporting your child as a student at Seattle Central.

Academic Calendar

Seattle Central operates on a quarter system, which means the calendar year is divided into three regular quarters (Fall, Winter, and Spring), and one optional Summer quarter.

Academic Calendars and Holidays
College Calendar with Registration and Tuition Deadlines

Advising, Registration, and Payments


International students receive all immigration and academic advising from the International Student Center. Each student is assigned to a primary advisor based on the first letter of his/her last name. Please visit our webpage for complete details. Students can meet with advisors during walk-in hours, or by appointment.


Students in full-time college programs register for classes in the middle of each quarter (for example, in the middle of Fall Quarter, students will start registering for Winter Quarter). Full-time college students will register on line, and do not have to meet with an advisor.

Students taking classes in the Institute of English will register in groups before the end of the current quarter. They will choose classes with the assistance of an advisor or one of their teachers.

Paying for Classes

Students must be able to pay for classes by the tuition due date, so it is important that they have access to funds for tuition and fees prior to the payment deadline.

Seattle Central does not invoice students or send bills for tuition. Students will know how much to pay for tuition and fees once they have registered for classes.

Parents who will send money to their child for tuition and fees must send wire money directly to their son or daughter’s account. Seattle Central cannot accept wire transfers directly from parents after the student’s first quarter of attendance. Please visit our webpage for more details.

Grades and Transcripts

Students receive grades at the end of each quarter. Grades are posted in a student’s record, and are available for a student to access within two weeks of the end of the quarter. Seattle Central does not mail grades to students: they are only accessible online via the student’s online account.

Although some instructors may provide students with mid-term grades, or make take attendance in class, these are not published in the student’s official record, and so are not part of the student’s transcript.

Parents who wish to access grades must speak with their son or daughter directly. Seattle Central is unable to provide grade reports to anyone other than the student. Please see the section on privacy of records for more information.